Release Notes - February 2024

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in January 2024 for release versions GA 11.8.0 and GA 11.9.0.

Account Settings

Settings - Mail: Fixed a bug where some PDF and CSV export emails were not sending correctly

Data Tab

Connections: Updated the help article link for Google BigQuery

Mobile Application

Improved the loading experience for dashboards with Dynamic Views

Fixed a bug where refreshing a dashboard would update the metrics but continue to show the blue line loading state

Data Source

Airtable: Improved the table sync process to show the available bases and tables

Amazon Ads: Added tables for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products

Amazon Ads Warehouse: Added the Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products tables

Amazon Redshift Warehouse: Added the ability to use incremental sync for tables with a date field and a unique ID field

Amazon Seller Central: Added the Orders (Formatted), Order Items and Order Items Buyer Info tables

Amazon Seller Central: Updated fields in the Orders and Sales Performance tables to display individual columns of data instead of a JSON field

Constant Contact: Added the ability to use incremental sync for the Campaigns and Contacts tables

Constant Contact Warehouse: Added the Campaigns, Contacts, Contacts Lists and Campaign Summaries tables

Delighted Warehouse: Added the Survey Responses table

Facebook Ads: Fixed a bug where some tables were not found when searching for them

Facebook Ads Warehouse: Fixed a bug where some large tables were giving an error

Freshdesk Warehouse: Added the Stats field to the Tickets table

Google Analytics: Added the ability to apply a filter to custom tables

Hubspot Warehouse: Added the Product Type column to the Products table

Instagram Business: Fixed a bug where Media Metadata – Comments table was giving an error when no comments were present

Instagram Business Warehouse: Where possible, updated tables to pull 2 years of data instead of only 30 days

Klaviyo: Updated the Events (Formatted) table to recognize columns that are in JSON format

LinkedIn Warehouse: Fixed a bug where the Engagements Statistics By Post table was giving an error for some accounts

Monday: Fixed a bug where tables were only showing the first page of results

Monday Warehouse: Updated to the latest API version

PostgreSQL: Fixed a bug where creating a new connection was giving an error for some users when using a private key

QuickBooks Online: Added the Profit & Loss Detail table

Beta Features

Alerts: Fixed a bug where alert emails were not always sending out

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