Release Notes - April 2024

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in April 2024 for release versions GA 11.12.0 and GA 11.13.0.

Data Tab

Warehouse & Connection Page: Fixed a bug where deleting file based table led to a blank page


Added a link shortcut on the menu for Smart Software only users

Data Source

Facebook Social: Updated the list of metrics available on Direct Query according to the latest Facebook update

LinkedIn Ads: Fixed a bug with Direct Query where the account filter selection was being ignored and the sync was returning values from other accounts

Quickbooks Online: Fixed a bug with classes dropdown list where it was persisting unselected values

Amazon Seller Central: Added new Warehouse table for Financial Events

CPQ: Implemented Users Warehouse table

Custom REST API: Added a field that allows the Scope to be included

Custom REST API: Added the full json request view when creating a new WH table

Google Drive: Implemented error masking when the file that’s been used to create the metric/Warehouse table gets deleted

Grow training Sandbox: Added the Warehouse tables with demo data for multiple datasources

Instagram Business: Fixed a bug where there was an error on WH tables when the audience data was empty

Keap: Fixed a bug related to pagination error on WH Fixed a bug on Items table that was not retrieving data

QuickBooks Online: Added the ability to view custom fields for Invoices and Estimates Warehouse tables

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