Release Notes - June 2024

Following sections list the changes occurred in Grow in June 2024 for release versions GA 12.2.0 and GA 12.3.0.

Account Settings

Login: Updated alt text attribute on Grow Logo


Chart: Fixed a bug where Fiscal Quarter grouping wasn’t displaying on a copied metric

Chart: Fixed a bug where Sort transform was removed when a Data series was updated or added

Data Tab

Fixed Help article links at authentication modals for many Data sources

Data Source

Asana: Fixed a bug on Tasks table

Chargebee: Added Line Items table on Warehouse

Constant Contact: Fixed auth breaking after expiration date on DB

Copper: Fixed a bug on empty Leads table showing error

Custom REST API: Fixed a bug on Oauth2 authentication

Database datasources: Fixed Help article Link to the whitelisting Grow IP addresses for database data sources

Freshservice: Fixed auth issue

Kinetic: Implemented column DataType override strategy

LinkedIn Ads: Updated to the current logo

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central: Implemented 'CashFlow Statements', 'General Ledger Entries', 'Sales Credit Memos', and 'Sales Invoices' Warehouse tables

NewCurrency Conversion: Columns have been incorporated with appropriate data types

Quickbooks Online: Added ‘Budgets’ Warehouse table

Warehouse: Updated to show "Add a file" instead of Add Custom Table on file-based data sources

Custom REST API: Added the ability to iterate an endpoint with data from a different endpoint

Custom REST API: Support pagination page param in body

Freshdesk: Added Groups WH table

Freshservice: Drepecated DQ version

Salesforce: Fixed an error with compound data for a few warehouse tables with incremental sync setting

Smart Software: Fixed UI at auth modal for missing font

SQL Server: Fixed a bug where authenticating through SSH option wasn’t working

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