Multiple connections with InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft only supports having 1 connection per InfusionSoft user. So if someone in your organization has already authorized InfusionSoft using User1, if you use User1's credentials to authorize another data connection in Grow, this will cause multiple issues.

To fix this there are a few steps. In this example we have 2 InfusionSoft users and 2 Grow users.

The problem is that both Grow users have used 1 InfusionSoft account to create data connections. The fix is to have both Grow users share 1 InfusionSoft Data Connection, or to create 2 InfusionSoft Data connections using different InfusionSoft accounts.

How to share an InfusionSoft Data Connection

You can also find this information here.

1. Log into the Grow user that owns the InfusionSoft Data Connection you want to share.

2. Go to Settings > Data Sources and click Share.

3. Select as many users as you would like to grant access to the data connection and click save.

4. They can now create metrics using that data source.

 How to remove double InfusionSoft connections

1. Make sure you have already shared the InfusionSoft Data Connection, or created another Data Connection with the other InfusionSoft Account.

2. Go to Settings > Data Sources and Remove, but DO NOT confirm.

3. If you remove a data source it will delete the metrics linked to it. Get the list of metrics that are linked to the doubled connection and edit them to use the shared or new InfusionSoft Data Connection.

4. Once you have switch all the metrics over to the new Data Source, you can remove the old doubled data source.

Error Code 4 - Column not found in resultset

This is a very sad error. It is an error on InfusionSoft API that has been broken in InfusionSoft since 2014. More information here. Long story short, there is no fix until InfusionSoft fixes their API. 😭

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