Total Leads

Total number of leads from all of your sources.

How to calculate total leads

Total Leads = (Leads from Source A) + (Leads from Source B) + etc.

How qualified are your leads?

First, let’s define a lead. A lead is a prospect who potentially has interest in your company. The greater their interest in your company, or the more likely they are to purchase, the more profitable they are as a lead.  Taking steps to get your leads more interested in your company is a common process of qualifying them. This turns them from Leads into Sales Qualified Leads. 

A lead source is the medium by which lead reached you (i.e. social media, direct mail, email marketing, advertising, Google Adwords, referral).

Why does measuring total leads matter?

Measuring your total leads makes it possible for you to estimate how many deals you can close. While it would be ideal if every lead closed and purchased your product, the reality is that not everyone will. It’s helpful to measure your total number of leads in context of your full sales funnel (on another metric). How many leads does it usually take to close one deal? This will help you get a better idea of how many leads you need. 

However, not just knowing the total number of leads matters, but also knowing the channels through which they come. If you find that you get more leads and more closed deals from one channel, you may consider optimizing your efforts in that channel and related channels.

What to watch out for

Assigning the correct lead source. How are you defining your lead sources? When you start calculating your total leads, make sure that they are assigned to the correct source. It can be very difficult to correctly assign leads. Marketo gives some suggestions on how to manage your leads and their sources.

Total Leads Example

For Q1 so far, Awesome, Co. has 120 leads from paid advertising, 146 from social media, 52 from direct traffic, and 143 from their partnerships. 

120 + 146 + 52 + 143 = 461

Awesome, Co. has a total of 461 leads for the quarter so far.

How to influence total leads

Define what a qualified lead is. What does a marketing qualified lead look like and what does a sales qualified lead look like for your company? Align these definitions with your marketing and sales teams to increase productivity and the number of qualified leads.

Utilize your most profitable channels. Where are you getting your most leads from? Consider ways that you can generate more leads from them.

Industry Specifics

Total Leads for eCommerce

  • Leads in eCommerce may be a little different to track than in other industries. Here are some actions that you could define as leads: someone who fills out a lead form, makes a phone call, subscribes to an email list, puts something in their shopping cart, or follows your blog. This is one way of saying, “I’m interested in your products.” That gives you a chance to move them along the sales funnel towards buying. AdShark Marketing gives some more ideas for measuring actionable eCommerce leads.

Total Leads for SaaS

  • Make sure that your sales and marketing teams are working together to figure out what qualified leads look like. When this is misaligned, your teams are more likely to be less productive. It can be easy for sales to blame marketing for giving them bad leads, and marketing to blame sales for not working well enough with the leads marketing generates.
  • Hubspot suggests tracking your leads by their lifecycle stage.  They also suggest separating your leads into marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads. Once you’ve done this, you can get a better feel for where leads are getting stuck in your pipeline.

Total Leads for Startups

  • Getting leads is critical for startups to get business. When people reach your site, do they know exactly what you want them to do? Whether that be to fill out a form, download a guide, make a call, or sign up for a trial account, make sure it’s obvious what action they should take to get the most out of your product. You’ll also want to be sure that the experience is hassle-free for your leads---the minute something becomes too complicated or too time-consuming, they’re out. Make it simple.
  • Penguin Strategies suggests trying A/B tests. This lets you use a control group and a test with wording, or any other marketing strategy to determine what pulls leads in more effectively.

Total Leads for Marketing Agencies

  • Databox suggests that most of the leads for marketing agencies will come through referrals. Consider other ways you can utilize your current customers to mine a particular industry or group of businesses.
  • Additionally, Proposify suggests a number of ways to create a scalable, repeatable model for lead generation. This includes things like creating targeted content for your customers and holding webinars, along with other suggestions.

Add a Total Leads metric tile to your dashboard!

Who drives Total Leads. 

  • VP of Marketing.
  • VP of Sales. 

Total Leads chart type(s). Stacked Column/Stacked Bar. Each column/bar is an individual week or month, and shows leads from each different source.

Measure. Total leads broken out by source.

Date range. Quarter-to-date (QTD)

Display interval. 

  • Quarter-to-date (QTD)
  • 1 month back

Key Value. Total Leads QTD

Comparison Value. Total Leads Previous Quarter

Data Source(s) for tracking total leads 

  • Google Analytics
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot

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