In each metric you have the option to use the SQL transform. Once you've added the transform you will see an open box where you can write SQL queries on your data.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a type of code specifically for databases. The Grow platform uses SQLite as it’s SQL language, so if you ever want to look up how to do complicated functions with SQL you can look up SQLite tutorial sites.

With every query, there are at least 2 statements you must include.

The first is the SELECT statement, which is used to Select which data you’d like to bring into your query. I can use this statement to select specific columns of data, and I can also include column calculations like if I wanted to add two columns or divide two columns, I could do so here in my query.

The other statement that you must always include is the FROM statement which identifies where you’re wanting to pull this data from.

When you are using a Grow Master Report, you can just put in 'report' and Grow will automatically reference the master report you are using.

Other statements that you can include are WHERE clauses where you can filter your data. GROUP BY where you can group the data by a certain column. And ORDER BY where you can choose how to sort your data.

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