Separate workspaces for smoother building and charting 

This new metric builder makes processing and charting data easier and faster than ever! We have separated the data processing and charting spaces, so you have more room to work and the interface is focused on the task at hand.

Spend less time transforming and prepping data

Datasets allow you to pull data from one or more sources, and do the data work - once. Because each dataset can power any number of metrics, you’ll spend less time cleaning up data and more time charting, analyzing and sharing the results. For more information on Datasets check out our help center:

Make valuable metrics without SQL

We believe data driven decisions shouldn’t be limited to people with SQL knowledge. So we found the most tedious and common uses of SQL, and made two new transforms. Now teammates who don’t know SQL can build complex, valuable metrics.

Compare Transform

If you wanted to compare this month to date, to last month to date you would have to write some non-trivial SQL. Now you can do it in a few clicks. You can use this transform to find trends, compare year over year, or set attainable goals. The new Compare Transform makes it easier than ever to get the answers you need.

Tagging Transform

Tag and categorize your data with the Tagging Transform. Now you can create SQL case statements visually. No more googling ‘how to write a SQL case statement’.

We have an FAQ and an office hours conference to help you learn more about the new builder.

If you have more questions, comments, or feedback we would love to hear from you in our community at

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