What is Beta for?

Beta is an opportunity for you to interact and play with new features before they are launched to the general user base. We are still working on and polishing the features and you might run into a few bumps along your way. Beta is not a test of your capability, but of our software and designs. Thanks for your help!

Beta Features

  • Speed of App - We have supercharged our application to make it faster. You will notice that switching between pages is a lot more snappy. 
  • Updated Metric Builder - Our updated metric builder is where you will see most of the changes. We split metric building into two tabs, data and chart. When you are on the data tab you will see your transforms on the left, a preview of what the metric will look like in the bottom left, and your data with working area above it on the right. 

On the charting tab there are fewer changes, but we have tried to make it easier for you to add the value, dates and categories to the chart.

  • NEW Dataset Builder (coming soon) - We are still putting the finishing touches on this feature, so you won't see this the first few weeks of Beta. A dataset is a collection of reports that can be saved as a collection. The dataset builder will allow you to create datasets without having to build a chart, so that the dataset can be reused by multiple metrics. Transforms can be added on top of the dataset without affecting the dataset. When the dataset itself is updated all connected metrics will be updated.

Beta Feedback

We want to hear your feedback about any bumps you experience as you use these new features. We also would love to know how you like the updates. Please leave all your feedback in the Beta community. Join the community here:


How can I join Beta?

If you are not currently part of our Beta group and would like to join, please reach out to me and we can get you added to the Beta. You can email me at Jongrover@grow.com

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