We just pushed a new release with a few important changes. 

SQL is now part of the Transform Pipeline! 🎉

SQL is now part of the data transforms. This means that you can use SQL at any point, and in any order when building a metric. Don't be alarmed when the SQL box is moved from it's normal spot in advanced settings. Just click Add Transform and pick ‘SQL’. Click here to learn more.

Table Data Preview of 300 Rows

Table data view now only shows the first 300 rows. The chart uses all of your data, we just don’t show all of it in the table preview. Check the message at the top of the metric to know how many rows of data your chart is referencing. Again, the table will show the first 300 rows, BUT the chart runs off all the data. Click here to learn more.

Referencing Joined and Master Reports is now easier

We’ve simplified referencing Joined and Master Reports in SQL or Spreadsheet functions. Instead of having to remember to use joinedreport2 or masterreport, now you simple reference the ‘report#’, no matter what kind of report it is. Your metrics have all been updated to use this new syntax, no action is needed on your part. 👍 Click here to learn more.

Rename Column Transform launched

You can use SQL to rename a column, but we added a Rename column transform to make it much easier. 

Here is the article with more details - Grow Transforms: Rename Column.

Duplicate Reports in Edit Metric with the click of a button

Duplicating report settings is now possible in Edit Metric. Simply click 'Duplicate Report' in the 'Options' section on the right side of Edit Metric. It will copy all of the settings of the report you are currently on and add an additional report to the metric with those settings.

Here is a Help article with more details - Duplicate Reports

Data Source updates and bug fixes

Campaign Monitor: Added a column for List Name in the Campaign Clicks report.

Podio: Fixed issue with OAuth/Token Expiring.

Prosperworks: Invalid Input: Validation errors bug was fixed.

LinkedIn: Resolved issue connecting.

Twitter Ads:
Updates to API version
Added a “Select All” option when selecting individual entities.
Fixed issue not returning entity items for promoted tweets request.

Typeform: Added Date Submitted Column.

BigCommerce: Fixed issue pulling data via the Orders endpoint for Month to Date.

When I Work: Fixed an Auth issue.

Shopify: Added ’Tags; to the Product List to improve the metric building process.

Act On: ‘Contact Lists’ now saving properly.

Properworks: Removed the columns showing [object Object] in the Opportunities report.

Bugs Fixes

Edit Metric: Select All working on Remove columns transform.

Edit Metric: Fixed issue where values would display differently on dashboard vs. edit metric.

Storing Data Sets: Fixed option not showing correctly.

Create Metric: Fixed issue with connecting to SQL data sources.

Mobile iOS App: Improved how Key Values look.

We are super excited about these features. Let us know if you have any questions

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