Performance Optimizations

Processing Optimizations

We made some performance optimizations and improvements when you are connecting new reports, and creating transforms. Before the system would try to process each and every change, even when there wasn't enough info to process. Now the system waits until you finish the transform or report you are creating before trying to process it. This should make the experience feel a little bit more snappy and performant. 

Charting Optimizations

We also improved how chart changes were being processed. Now making minor changes to your chart should feel snappier and quicker.

Improved Transforms Interface: 

Clear All Button Added

Sometimes you just want to remove all your transforms and start over. This can take a while if you have more than a few. We added a 'Clear All' button to make that faster and easier. 

Moved the Remove button

We moved the ‘Remove’ or delete transform button to be inside of the transform modal. This makes it harder to accidentally remove a transform that you wanted to keep.

Added a Help Link for each Transform

Transforming your data to get the insights you want can sometimes be tricky. We added a help link for each transform that links to the help center article. 

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